The June 2020 edition of the Policy Research Associates’ monthly newsletter included announcements, publications, and the latest posts from the PRA blog.

This newsletter contains the following headlines:

  • New Infographic on Mindfulness From PRA Well-Being
  • Publication Re-release: Getting Inside the Black Box
  • New Resource: Trueblood Summit Report
  • New Article Examines Using University-Community Partnerships for SOAR Implementation as a Mechanism to End Homelessness

In this issue, PRA Well-Being released a new infographic on mindfulness. The infographic, Mindfulness in Our Everyday Lives, provides an overview of how people can incorporate mindfulness techniques into their daily routines. This infographic presents mindfulness in an accessible format, providing an overview of what mindfulness is (and is not), useful anchors, ways in which mindfulness can help you, and selected mindfulness practices.

PRA is re-releasing Getting Inside the Black Box: Understanding How Jail Diversion Works to the field as a reference document. The publication reviews data from the Targeted Capacity Expansion Jail Diversion programs, presents major findings from a cross-sectional analysis of the data, provides strategies to define a target population for diversion, and offers lessons learned and next steps. The document has been re-branded to allow for broad distribution to the field, but the content has not been updated from the 2010 publication. Readers should view this publication as a reference resource.

PRA has released the final report from the 2019 Trueblood Diversion Services Summit. The report provides an overview of the background, timeline, and activities leading up to and following the Summit. The event provided a national perspective on diversion of individuals with mental illness, offered opportunities to learn about diversion programs underway throughout the state, and supported ample cross-community networking and dialogue. Readers will find a detailed overview of recommendations to enhance diversion programs and competence restoration services within the report.

PRA is pleased to announce the publication of a new article co-authored by PRA staff members in the Journal of Social Work Education. “The SOAR Model as an Effective Mechanism for University-Community Partnerships to End Homelessness,” co-authored by Vice President Kristin Lupfer and Senior Project Associate Jen Elder, explores how universities can play a role in ending homelessness in local communities. The article explores a National Center for Excellence in Homeless Services initiative to use social work education as a mechanism to enhance and expand local capacity for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)/Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR) services.

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