The October 2019 edition of Policy Research Associates, Inc.’s monthly newsletter included announcements, publications, and the latest posts from the PRA blog.

This newsletter contains the following headlines:

  • NCYOJ Hosts Family Engagement Seminar to Support Development of a School Responder Model
  • New Publication in Psychiatric Services Examines Financial Wellness for People with Serious Mental Illness
  • PRA-Authored Articles Selected for Psychiatric Services’ Editor’s Choice
  • Events & Webinars
  • Recent Stories from the PRA Blog

On May 30-31, 2019, the National Center for Youth Opportunity and Justice (NCYOJ) held a Family Engagement Seminar in Albany, New York. This seminar was designed to support eight schools working with NCYOJ as part of a National Institute of Justice Comprehensive School Safety Initiative. Through this initiative the eight schools are study sites in a research project, implementing school responder models to transform their schools and improve behavioral health outcomes for students. A school responder model is a behavioral health response to school infractions that provides an alternative to the involvement of law enforcement and addresses the root causes of behavior.

A new article, co-authored by PRA’s Crystal Lee Brandow, Ph.D., has been published in Psychiatric Services. Written in collaboration with Drs. Margaret Swarbrick and Patricia Nemec, the paper makes recommendations to improve health outcomes through behavioral health services and supports that target financial wellness while reducing reliance on public benefits. The authors argue for a social-ecological approach to enhance financial wellness and recommend that the issue be elevated to a high-priority area of behavioral health service treatment.

In September 2019, Psychiatric Services assembled the Mental Health and Criminal Justice Diversion collection for its Editor’s Choice series. This collection highlighted two articles written by Policy Research staff: “Police Responses to Persons With Mental Illness: Going Beyond CIT Training,” by former PRA President Dr. Henry J. Steadman along with Dr. David Morrissette, and “Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health Care Costs of Mental Health Court Participants: A Six-Year Study,” by Dr. Henry J. Steadman, PRA Senior Research Associate Dr. Lisa Callahan, and PRA President Pamela Clark Robbins, along with Drs. Roumen Vesselinov, Thomas G. McGuire, and Joseph P. Morrissey.

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NCYOJ Hosts Family Engagement Seminar to Support Development of a School Responder Model; New Publication in Psychiatric Services Examines Financial Wellness for People With Serious Mental Illness; PRA-Authored Articles Selected for Psychiatric Services’ Editors Choice; Upcoming Events and Webinars; PRA at an Event Near You