PRA Culture

Gray Cancer Ribbon

December 23, 2011 is not a day I will ever forget – Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Right Parietal Lobe.  Not words you hear every day and certainly not words you want to hear before you even turn 40.  But that is how my journey with brain cancer began.  Little did I know what that diagnosis meant… Read More


For those who don’t know a marathon is defined by Webster dictionary as a “long-distance race” usually 26.2 miles. However, the Olympic marathon distance was originally 24.8 miles. The distance was based on the Greek legend of Pheidippides, a Greek foot soldier, who was sent from Marathon to Athens (24.8 miles) to proclaim the victory… Read More

Conference Room

In the weeks leading up to attending my first National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare (“National Council”) meeting, I frequently had a seconds-long panic that I hadn’t completed my presentation. That feeling passed as I remembered that I was going to the meeting as an attendee, not as a presenter (which is usually the case).… Read More

I sent my spit to 23&Me, a California-based “personal” genetics testing company started by two women. As I waited for the results, I felt like a kid waiting for the first day of school – part dread, part excitement. When I tell others that I have done this, there are two reactions – keen interest… Read More


Believe it or not some of us here at PRA find that being out in the cold walking miles across frozen lakes and drilling holes through 2-3 feet of ice to catch fish is a lot of fun. My experience has been that it’s not only a lot of fun, but it’s also extremely challenging.… Read More


I have become fascinated by elephants. In mock preparation for my future fantasy career of working with these remarkable animals, I have been reading memoirs of conservationists who have devoted their lives to protecting and promoting the existence of this endangered species in its natural habitat. With every chapter I read, I become more convinced… Read More


My fourth week of work at PRA saw me flying off to Denver to attend a SOAR train the trainer. The training was taught by my colleagues – Kristin, Pam and Jen but being the newbie on staff meant that I was a full-fledged participant! The week long training was intense, informative and invigorating! I was able to… Read More


In past years I’ve often incorporated my Day of Reflection into family matters, addressing work/life balance issues. For example, last fall my sister and I helped my mom prepare for a transition to a senior apartment community after my dad passed away.  This year I was determined to keep the day for “just me;” in the… Read More

The professional world is small in Albany and an organization’s reputation tends to get around.  So when I decided to start looking to further my professional career I knew I wanted to look at Policy Research Associates.  After talking to many current and former PRA employees and applying not once but twice I finally landed… Read More

25th Anniversary

Today is a special day for all of us at Policy Research Associates. Fully 25 years ago, on December 31, 1987, PRA opened its doors for the first time. At that time we had five employees and one federal grant, an NIMH research grant to study the impact of the shooting of President Regan by John Hinkley… Read More

City Blur

A few weeks ago I returned from the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association.  After attending a variety of sessions developed by the Mental Health Section of APHA, doing a presentation on a multi-site mental health courts project we are heading, and perusing the full program, I was further convinced that a public… Read More