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Marathon Participants

My friend and I have a goal to run 50 half marathons in 50 states together. It’s a lofty goal, made even loftier due to the fact that we only run two races per year. In May we completed our fifth race (we’re 10 percent of the way there!) in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We ran the… Read More

Person working next to Laptop

When I was in high school, I read Flowers for Algernon. The classic 1966 science-fiction novel tells the story of menial laborer Charlie Gordon, 32, who has an IQ of 68 and is suddenly gifted with intelligence after taking part in an experiment. However, the effects of the experiment are only temporary as Charlie slowly diminishes… Read More

Robin nestled in evergreen branches

We focus a lot on wellness at PRA. Wellness for our employees and wellness as an important piece of the expertise that we offer to the field. Sometimes, as I drive into my garage at the end of the day when wellness has been on my agenda in some way, I am overwhelmed by the… Read More

Writing for Wellness-Social Wellness-02

Back in the mid-90s, when I lived in San Francisco, I used to go for all-day bike rides over the Golden Gate Bridge and into the Marin Headlands. That was a time way before kids, when time was all I had. I finally brought that bike out of hiding a few months ago and began… Read More

Wellness Hotel

EVEN hotels are jumping on the wellness bandwagon!! Recently I experienced another perspective on occupational wellness, the perspective of the work traveler. It is pretty hard to focus on your wellness when you’re on the road, spending too much time in airports, hotels and meeting rooms, having limited healthy food choices, and being too strapped… Read More

Person reading a newspaper

I’m 50 years of age; a halfway point for someone who lives to be 100. With today’s modern science, it’s achievable. That being said, I am more active now than I have been in previous years and have started a healthy journey of recovery not only mentally and emotionally, but physically. Some are late bloomers.… Read More

Person taking an artful picture of their lunch with an iPhone

Recently I’ve become very aware of my extremely high rate of iPhone, social media, and Internet consumption. I feel a constant pull towards my phone and experience sheer terror on the rare occasion it’s not next to me and I can’t remember where I saw it last. Living in a world inundated with the Internet,… Read More

Phases of the Moon

There’s a lot of excitement and publicity around the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21 that will be visible across much of the US. As a professional astrologer, I have a different take on the significance of this celestial event, but of course, I’m really anxious to see it too! Eclipses come in pairs:… Read More

Occupational Wellness - Writing for Wellness

PRA’s focus on wellness is very exciting, and I jumped at the idea of writing a blog on wellness. I chose occupational wellness based on some recent experiences, but when sitting down to write couldn’t remember where it all started. Then it came to me as a sipped my tea from my favorite mug bearing… Read More

Couple of Business People Meeting

You’re in an interview – Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. This common response to being interviewed is also known as nervousness. It’s science!  In 14 Tips For Staying Calm During A Job Interview, Dr. Tamar Chansky explains that our brains respond the same way in an interview as they would in… Read More