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Springfield TTT

On April 5th of 2016 I had the privilege to attend a How Being Trauma-Informed Improves Criminal Justice Responses Train-the-Trainer event for my professional development. PRA’s Professional Development benefit allows  employees to attend one training  or conference each year to enhance their work. As the person who works across projects assisting in material prep for meetings… Read More

Elevator Bank

Most people grow up with the wisdom passed on from generation to generation through their grandparents. However, I am unlike most people. Of my four grandparents, three of them passed away before I was born, while the remaining grandparent lived in another state. I sought mentorship at an extremely young age from older and wiser… Read More

2016 Year in Review Blog Header

We’ve closed out another wonderful year at PRA and are well on our way to an exciting 2017—our 29th year of operation (can you believe the big 3-0 is next year?). While the New Year has come and gone, we’d like to reflect on the year past and the year ahead. At our annual State… Read More

New Zealand Collage 1

Last October, Dan and I took a 2 ½ week trip to gorgeous New Zealand. The country hadn’t previously been on our destination radar, but we couldn’t pass up a flight bargain, so decided to go for it. We stayed in a majority of Airbnb homes, as well as a couple hostels, and did not… Read More


Guest post by Meredith Osta, Program Director of Fostering Futures NY While each of FFNY’s 15 volunteer teams is special in its own way, one group stands out for a unique reason. The team from Policy Research Associates (PRA) is made up of colleagues at a workplace. “We’re hoping to sign on more teams from companies… Read More

PRA's Top 10 Blogs of 2016

One of the things we pride ourselves on at PRA is the uniqueness of the PRA blog. It’s a space for staff to get to know one another more deeply, for our projects to report on the great work they are doing, and for individuals and organizations to get a better sense of PRA’s culture… Read More

PRA's Month of Giving

As we close out another year, we’re also closing out our annual Month of Giving! Each year’s Month of Giving is special and this year was no exception. For our 2016 Month of Giving, PRA adopted a family for the holidays. We paired up with the Albany County Department for Children, Youth, and Families to… Read More

Nicole Friendship Collage

Health nuts know all the rules. Granted, I’m the kind of health nut that primarily knows what rules she is currently breaking, but there’s one area of wellness I’ve come to take very seriously as I’ve gotten older. My commitment to it matches the degree of its hyperbolic benefits: Supports brain health! Promotes recovery! Prevents… Read More

Spiritual Wellness Blog Header

I love reading and talking about spirituality, so I enthusiastically volunteered months ago to write this blog. Did I mention that when we took the 8 Dimensions of Wellness assessment that I scored the lowest on spiritual wellness? I think that’s called irony. Were any of you shocked by your scores? I wasn’t. Winston Churchill… Read More

Person holding another person's hand

When I worked in disability services, we had several people in our residential programs who lacked capacity to make informed decisions and who had no one in their lives legally authorized to make decisions on their behalf. Usually, when these folks face non-emergency invasive medical treatment or end-of-life decisions, the only recourse for their care-givers… Read More

PRA Building with Pumpkin Decorations

On Wednesday, PRA staff members took advantage of the beautiful fall day to try their hand at pumpkin carving. They carved 12 pumpkins, and they now sit outside our building to greet the residents of Delmar! We even saw a few people stop their cars to take some photos of our pumpkin display; how cool… Read More

Close-up of Rhino

Late last May, I received this email from a friend: “Janet, do you know Damien Mander? He gave a couple of TED talks recently. Had you ever watched/listened to him? Will you let me know what you think? Today?” I responded that I did know Damien Mander from watching a TED Talk. I loved Damien… Read More