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Four horses at wire gate

I have owned thoroughbred racing horses for about 22 years.  I am small time, with usually 1 or 2 horses at a time that I own in a 50-50 partnership with my trainer.  They run most often at Finger Lake Race Track near Rochester, New York and occasionally at Saratoga, Aqueduct, and Belmont. One can… Read More

Spiritual Wellness Blog Header

I often write about being a person in long-term recovery from behavioral issues—issues which brought me to many of the common places people who have struggled with these issues face: jails, hospitals, and treatment programs. Recovery being possible for absolutely everyone, my life turned from one of sadness and pain to one of achievement, joy,… Read More

Two friends shaking hands.

After graduating from college I realized that the period of being drowned in homework and assignments was over. Even though this is an amazing feeling, I made a promise to myself to continue to learn and educate myself as a person. The book I am reading now is called How to Win Friends and Influence… Read More

Voice Awards Blog Week-Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the day set aside for remembrance of those who have died in our nation’s service.  When this long weekend comes each year, I always attend Marlborough’s Memorial Day ceremonies and participate in a race around our town lake, which makes donations to military families.  This is also a time when I think… Read More

House Sketches

Before we had even moved a single scoop of earth to make way for our future home’s foundation, my husband and I had already toured the place extensively. On paper, on the computer, and on the plot of land, we’ve been sketching, revising, refining, and simulating the place for years. During winter we paced out… Read More

Physical Wellness Blog Header

I’m intrigued by the wellness work we do here at PRA.  Intrigued may be an odd word to use but let me explain. I think the work is incredibly important, and I feel strongly in the concept of whole health and seeing the full picture of wellness. The intriguing part for me is how I… Read More

Carrots in a cloth bag

About a month ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and stumbled upon the #ZeroWaste hashtag. Intrigued, I clicked on it and was greeted by hundreds of photos of people around the world striving to use fewer single-use products in their daily life–all in beautiful, Instagram-worthy photos. I was hooked. What is Zero Waste?… Read More


One of my favorite things about the PRA community is our “giving table”—a name I uncreatively made up for the purposes of this blog post. The table is located in our upstairs kitchen, conveniently located next to the coffee machine. While it does often serve its purpose as a place for people to prepare and… Read More

Springfield TTT

On April 5th of 2016 I had the privilege to attend a How Being Trauma-Informed Improves Criminal Justice Responses Train-the-Trainer event for my professional development. PRA’s Professional Development benefit allows  employees to attend one training  or conference each year to enhance their work. As the person who works across projects assisting in material prep for meetings… Read More

Elevator Bank

Most people grow up with the wisdom passed on from generation to generation through their grandparents. However, I am unlike most people. Of my four grandparents, three of them passed away before I was born, while the remaining grandparent lived in another state. I sought mentorship at an extremely young age from older and wiser… Read More

2016 Year in Review Blog Header

We’ve closed out another wonderful year at PRA and are well on our way to an exciting 2017—our 29th year of operation (can you believe the big 3-0 is next year?). While the New Year has come and gone, we’d like to reflect on the year past and the year ahead. At our annual State… Read More

New Zealand Collage 1

Last October, Dan and I took a 2 ½ week trip to gorgeous New Zealand. The country hadn’t previously been on our destination radar, but we couldn’t pass up a flight bargain, so decided to go for it. We stayed in a majority of Airbnb homes, as well as a couple hostels, and did not… Read More