One of the unique aspects of PRA’s online presence is our PRA blog. In it, you see both the professional and the personal side of PRA and its employees. It’s a space for staff to get to know one another more deeply, for our projects to report on the great work they are doing, and for individuals and organizations to get a better sense of PRA’s culture and values.

In the past year, we’ve published 60 excellent posts on topics ranging from psychological safety to delivering technical assistance remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. In case you missed them, here are our top five most-read blogs of 2020:

Netflix Nailed It! At Home Challenge

In this blog, Karla brings readers through her experience on the Nailed It! At Home Challenge. The At Home Challenge brought the beloved Netflix show into Karla’s kitchen. She and her aunt were challenged to make an alien cupcake with eight eyes made of marshmallows and six tentacles made of fondant under the watchful eyes of the Nailed It Mexico! Judges.

Black Mental Health: Q&A with Gordon Hakim Collier, LMSW

In this post, Crystal sits down virtually with Gordon Hakim Collier, LMSW, to discuss Black mental health and well-being, therapy in the time of a pandemic and a movement, and the value of self-care. Mr. Collier reviews mental health stigma in the Black community, highlights online resources, and shares tips for promoting self-care and well-being.

What Movies Won’t Tell You About PTSD

In this blog, Kyle highlights some of the less-publicized symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Kyle highlights symptoms such as disassociation, anger, and vigilance. He also reviews methods for treating post-traumatic stress disorder and strategies for self-care.

Making the Workplace Whole: Meeting Basic Human Needs

In this post by our friends at WELCOA, Interim Chief Executive Officer Sara Martin highlights steps employers can take to support their employees’ well-being. Sara highlights ways that employers can help employees using the seven areas of human need (health, meaning, safety, connection, achievement, growth, and resiliency) as a framework.

Remember Your Why: Travis’s Story

In this blog, Ashley shares Travis Runnels’ story and her reaction to the news of his execution by the State of Texas. In the post, Ashley reflects on rehabilitation, punishment, and her views of the death penalty.