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Photo credits: Deb Perelman/Smitten Kitchen

Since 2006, Deb Perelman has been cooking food and photographing it, operating the Smitten Kitchen blog from her tiny NYC kitchen. Her slant is “comfort food stepped up a bit,” always from scratch, and without “excessively fussy and/or pretentious ingredients.” Her favorites are artichokes, pommes frites, and bourbon. She has published two cookbooks, Smitten Kitchen… Read More

Juneteenth 2018 Reflection

On June 19, 2018, I sat with my family—my son, his wife, her parents and my parents—and had a great dinner filled with old stories and laughter. Red, white, and blue streamers, table mats, and centerpieces infused with American flags made way for a fashionably patriotic ambiance. Comfort adorned the table with barbeque, watermelon, and… Read More

Writing for Wellness: Social Wellness

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” – Helen Keller A few months ago, after a particularly challenging day, I called one of my best friends. Within a half hour he was sitting on my couch listening intently, offering words of support and encouragement while periodically passing… Read More

White cloth-covered book on a wooden table

Bryan Stevenson has written a painful and powerful book, Just Mercy, chronicling his creation of the Equal Justice Initiative and his (and others’) fight for justice and redemption. The PRA Cultural Competence Committee selected this book for our Spring Book Club. The consensus after our book club discussion was that we were all grateful to… Read More

Brené Brown at NatCon 2018

I had the privilege to attend NatCon18, the annual conference of the National Council on Behavioral Health. The conference is busy. The agenda and hallways are packed. There was an interesting juxtaposition playing out in those convention center halls. Plenary speaker after plenary speaker spoke about the plague of loneliness. Meanwhile, over 5,000 conference attendees… Read More

Writing for Wellness: Emotional Wellness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month…what a perfect time to blog about emotional wellness! I volunteered to write this blog based on some recent work I’ve been doing both personally and professionally in this area. To start, I’d say that I like to think of myself as a person who is emotionally healthy but, I… Read More

Cracks in the desert

In March 2018, the staff members at PRA completed the Harvard Implicit Bias Test as a part of our continued efforts to improve the services we provide to communities and states across the country. The purpose of this exercise was to raise awareness about biases—we all have them—so our staff members, as individuals, could reflect… Read More

Writing for Wellness: Spiritual Wellness. Image displays Person sitting in seated meditation.

I used my Day of Reflection in 2017 to focus on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness.  I wanted to concentrate on my wellness and maybe put into place a plan for eating healthy and integrating some sort of exercise routine that would involve stretching. I printed out and used SAMHSA’s Eight Dimensions of Wellness Guide… Read More

Writing for Wellness: Physical Wellness

While I’m no expert at physical wellness, I can say that I’ve made great strides over the years. I spent a bit of time in the New York Army National Guard and suffered a hip injury at the tail end of Basic Combat Training, which only got progressively worse when I went on to Advanced… Read More