PRA Culture

Cracks in the desert

In March 2018, the staff members at PRA completed the Harvard Implicit Bias Test as a part of our continued efforts to improve the services we provide to communities and states across the country. The purpose of this exercise was to raise awareness about biases—we all have them—so our staff members, as individuals, could reflect… Read More

Writing for Wellness: Spiritual Wellness. Image displays Person sitting in seated meditation.

I used my Day of Reflection in 2017 to focus on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness.  I wanted to concentrate on my wellness and maybe put into place a plan for eating healthy and integrating some sort of exercise routine that would involve stretching. I printed out and used SAMHSA’s Eight Dimensions of Wellness Guide… Read More

Writing for Wellness: Physical Wellness

While I’m no expert at physical wellness, I can say that I’ve made great strides over the years. I spent a bit of time in the New York Army National Guard and suffered a hip injury at the tail end of Basic Combat Training, which only got progressively worse when I went on to Advanced… Read More

Sleeping french bulldog

I am sure that my officemates are growing tired of getting unsolicited updates on Honeybee. You see, Honeybee is my year old French Bulldog that I had to, at least temporarily leave behind in New York City when I relocated to Albany, New York last December.  Our separation has not been an easy one as… Read More

2017 Year in Review

It seems that every year is one full of milestones for PRA, and 2017 was no different. In 2017 we had two of our biggest milestones yet: the celebration of our 30th Anniversary and the retirement of our founder, Hank Steadman. During one of PRA’s favorite traditions, the Annual State of the Firm, President and… Read More

Radio Dial Closeup

While Albany is affectionately referred to as Smalbany, because of its tiny downtown area and the high probability you’ll run into someone you know, it seemed huge and daunting for 18-year-old me. I came to Albany as a college freshman, having never lived in a city before. Attending a school with nearly 18,000 kids made… Read More


I love bluebirds. A year ago I’d never seen one before, but ever since a small flock of them showed up in the eastern redcedars right outside my cabin last winter I’ve been obsessed. There is no collective noun for eastern bluebirds—no gaggle or murder or exultation—because they don’t typically travel in large groups. During… Read More

Person making a heart with their hands

My college friend invited me to a show called FEELINGS at Littlefield in Brooklyn a few months ago. FEELINGS is a variety show, with each show focusing on a different feeling. The theme of this broadcast was sadness — a topic we all love talking about. Since I’m working on being more vulnerable — thanks to… Read More

School books and blocks

The older I get, the more nostalgic I become about the people who made the greatest difference in my formative years. Mrs. Rosenberg was my fifth grade teacher and I owe much of my love of learning to her. My journey to Mrs. Rosenberg’s class was politically charged; I was part of New York City’s… Read More