Abbi making shelter breakfast deliveries

Abby making shelter breakfast deliveries

When the pandemic began in early 2020, everything stopped and so much changed. Adapting became key; from working at home, to ensuring work life balance and finding ways to continue to serve the community! Prior to the pandemic, once a month, PRA cooked breakfast at IPH, a local homeless shelter in Albany, New York (read more about PRA’s monthly shelter breakfasts!). During the pandemic, many organizations that relied on volunteers and donations took a hit, but PRA remained committed to providing its monthly shelter breakfast. Since April 2020, each month, we reach out and support a local business in the Capital Region by purchasing a variety of breakfast sandwiches to deliver to the shelter. And while not the same as homemade grits, madetoorder eggs, and French toast, a nice hot breakfast sandwich continues to hit the spot during a time when so much is different.