I do not speak much about spirituality because I believe everyone’s spiritual journey is not only different, but it is their own and should not be judged. For most of my life, I struggled with my spirituality, and for various reasons, I lost my faith and my way. I grew up in a Christian household; in our family, every baby is christened, and, although we did not go to church every Sunday, we did go more often than just Christmas and Easter. Even back then, I did not feel fully committed. I went because it was expected. I participated and sang (I feel bad for anyone subjected to that experience) in church because it’s just what you’re supposed to do, right? That’s how I felt until college. I was out on my own, thinking for myself on a deeper level, and decided I wasn’t sure if God existed, so I identified as agnostic. Not quite atheist, but leaning that way. I couldn’t tell my family; I was sort of in a spiritual/religious closet. Actually, as I write this, I realize they still have no idea.