I’ve had the honor of being affiliated with PRA in some way, shape, or form since 2003. First, I was a SAMHSA Jail Diversion grantee back in 2003, receiving evaluation and technical assistance services from the former Technical Assistance and Policy Analysis (TAPA) Center at PRA. Then, I became a PRA consultant in 2006 and joined PRA full-time in 2014.

Over these past 19 years, I have been trained and mentored by some amazing people, including our past two Presidents: Hank Steadman and Pam Robbins (the colon after “Presidents” is a tribute to Hank—anyone who knows him will know exactly what I mean). At the top of that list is Dan Abreu, one of our Senior Project Associates in the Criminal Justice Area at PRA. Dan’s work at PRA began as a 3-year “retirement gig.” Dan is now 15 years into his gig. I was trained to do Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) Mapping workshops by two of the best SIM facilitators in the world, Patty Griffin and Dan Abreu. Just as important as the content and process knowledge I have been able to absorb from the people mentioned and so many others not mentioned, one of the great things Dan has taught me and several others is the importance of enjoying your work and time with colleagues. As such, Dan has very wisely imparted upon us “Dan Abreu’s Rules for Travel.”

""With PRA’s nationwide outreach, I have been extremely fortunate to travel to all 50 states in the United States, and the territory of Guam. This level of travel has offered me the opportunity to see and experience so many amazing things that I would not have otherwise been able to do. On the flip side, we have all experienced travel frustrations that are constant reminders of why we need to follow “Dan Abreu’s Rules for Travel” whenever we can. These rules, in no particular order, are:

  • Rule #1 – Walk Towards the Water (it is calming and therapeutic)
  • Rule #2 – Walk Towards the Music (any music you love nourishes you)
  • Rule #3 – Always Tip the Street Musician (they are performing a valuable community service and need to be shown appreciation)
  • Rule #4 – Be Flexible (because travel will NEVER go exactly as you plan)

During COVID, Dan expanded his rules to meet the times:

  • Rule #5 – Seek Comfort (in moderation, of course)
  • Rule #6 – Lower Expectations (these times have been rough on all of us)
  • Rule #7 – Don’t Tempt Fate (if you do, you will really need to abide by rule #4 above)

As we have started traveling again for some of our projects at PRA, my wife (Kasey) and I were very fortunate to have Dan come to our home in Lincoln, Nebraska, after completing a SIM workshop in the Omaha, Nebraska, area. On Friday, May 6, Dan, Kasey, and I were able to go together to watch one of our favorite blues guitarists and singers, Mr. George “Buddy” Guy, perform here in Lincoln at the youthful age of 85. It was an amazing concert and a great reminder of the importance of following “Dan Abreu’s Rules for Travel.”


Buddy Guy live in concert