For the last year most every in-person meeting or conference went virtual (or was cancelled outright) as a result of COVID. Regular phone calls have seemingly become video conferences and events that were web-enabled now have participants turning on their web cameras utilizing the full spectrum of features available. There are numerous areas and things to be aware of with video conferences.  

Prepare Your Workspace 

Before your meeting starts, take some time to ensure your environment is set and equipment is in working order. The best spot is a quiet place in your house/apartment/office away from any distractions and make sure to close the door (if available) to limit interruptions. The background you choose will set the tone for your call and it’s best to find an uncluttered corner or wall. Virtual backgrounds and green screens are options as well and help mask whatever’s behind you. If that’s not possible, a good tip is to put up a curtain wall and use that as your background.