Stardate 121221; Planet: World; Exploration Party: 2022; Science and First Officers Log: Huerter

I serve on starship SJC Enterprise; the flagship of PRIFleet. Our mission is to explore and adapt learning while confronting our nemesis, COVID. We are well-positioned to defeat COVID and its special units Delta and Omicron. Admittedly our progress has been challenging, but we have remained steady in our progress due to the exceptional SJC Enterprise crew: Our careful, steady leader Captain Parker, who relies heavily on Lieutenant Commander Krider, our ships helmsman, and receives wise council and diagnosis from Dr. “Bones” Abreu. We move quickly and safely through mass debris by Security and Tactical Officer Maye, while Communications Officer Edwards provides insightful counsel to us all. We have been able to operate at full power and transform easily because of Chief Engineer “Matty” Robbins. And me? I am Science Officer and First Officer Huerter—the ever-questioning Denvercan.

Together we are going boldly where no technical assistance has gone before. We are united in our belief that “without followers, evil cannot spread.” We were forced to enter telework at warp speed and have been trapped in breakout rooms as we zoom between wormholes searching for the one that could get us out of the ever-looming doom of COVID. It has taken many. Our crew is restless. Even on the bridge, rumors of being muted are a daily occurrence. We are increasingly reliant on our alliance with Dell Computers and their bandwidth. They have served us well, but I for one believe “computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.” We have had a couple of landing parties with limited causalities. Each time PRIFleet Admiral Robbins and Captain Parker issue warnings to lock phaser on the COVID and wait for their command while Bones runs around trying to vaccinate everyone; many are still in need of their booster. I do admire Admiral Robbins and Captain Parker as they continue to remind us that the “needs of many outweigh the needs of the few.” This is my last log before being transported to 2022, a moving target. Signing off, may you “live long and prosper.” “Beam me up, Robbins.”