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  • January: SAMHSA’s GAINS Center Accepting Applications for Learning Collaboratives and Trauma-Informed Training Events for Individuals; Elan Hope Publishes Article Highlighting the Validation of the Black Community Activism Orientation Scale; Fair Housing Protections for People With Serious Mental Illness, Substance Use Disorder, and Co-occurring Disorders
  • February: Data Points Podcast Series Explores Research and Its Application to Social Change; SOAR Releases 2022 Outcomes, Maintains 65 Percent Approval Rate on Initial Applications; Sarah Desmarais Co-authors Research Highlighting the Impact of Growth Mindset-Enhanced Trauma Education on Criminal Legal Professionals; Elan Hope Co-authors Chapter Exploring Readiness for Cultural Responsiveness and Trauma-Informed Practices
  • March: 2022 Policy Research Impact Reports Released; Academic Training Releases New Tool Outlining Steps for Deflection or Pre-arrest Diversion for People with Developmental Disabilities; HHRC Fact Sheet Outlines Disaster Planning and Response Steps for Homelessness Response Programs


  • January: Guidance on Applying Federal COVID-19 Housing Funding: New Paper From HHRC; Samantha Zottola and Sarah Desmarais Co-author Chapter on Bail Reform in Handbook of Issues in Criminal Justice Reform in the United States; New Mindfulness Exercise Series—Videos & Podcasts Available!; Zottola, Desmarais Co-author Article on Risk Assessment Algorithms
  • February: Equity in Action Webinar Series; Quarterly Impact: July to September 2021; Sarah Desmarais Co-authors Article on Sexual Violence Victimization and Suicide; HHRC Releases Helping Individuals Experiencing Homelessness Obtain Identification Documents; PRA in the News; Partner Survey Opportunity: National Survey of Mobile Crisis Teams
  • March: Quarterly Impact: October to December 2021, New Resource: What Happened to Defunding?, Sarah Desmarais Authors Article Discussing Pretrial Risk Assessment Instruments, We’re Hiring!
  • April: Conversations on Leadership podcast, PRA Impact Report 2021, New Article Co-authored by Sarah Desmarais Explores Methods to Shift Public Attitudes About Incarceration, Minnesota 2022 Mental Health Court Conference, Summit on Improving the Court and Community Response to Those With Mental Illness in Minnesota
  • MayCongratulating Policy Research’s New President Sarah Desmarais and Retiring President Pamela Clark Robbins; Policy Research Welcomes Research and Evaluation Program Area Director Elan C. Hope, PhD; New Resource: Learning for Collective Impact; May Is Mental Awareness Health Month: Community Is Key to Positive Mental Health; Policy Research at an Event Near You
  • June: Quarterly Impact: January to March 2022; SOAR TA Center Releases New Self-Help Guide for Completing SSI/SSDI Applications; New Article Co-authored by Samantha Zottola and Sarah Desmarais Examines Money Bail, Pretrial Risk Scores, and Outcomes; Lisa Callahan’s Work on Competence to Stand Trial Featured in Monitor on Psychology; Sarah Desmarais Featured in AP-LS Career Corner, Discusses AltAc Careers
  • July: New Research Co-authored by Elan Hope Explores Race, Mental Health, and Adolescent Development, Academic Training to Inform Police Responses Delivers Crisis Response Curriculum to Pilot Sites, ARDRAW Announces Sixth Research Cohort, Sametra Polkah-Toe Featured in the Peer Recovery Center of Excellence’s Recovery Talk Podcast
  • August: Pretrial Professionals: Opportunity to Participate in a Research Study; Homeless and Housing Resource Center Releases Free Online Course on Serious Mental Illness and Homelessness; New Article Co-authored by Elan Hope Highlights Impact of Positive Parental Messaging on Black Adolescent Girls
  • September: Service Members, Veterans, and their Families Technical Assistance Center Hosts Innovations Conference to Advance Suicide Prevention Strategies; Sarah Desmarais Co-authors Advancing Fairness and Transparency: National Guidelines for Post-Conviction Risk and Needs Assessment; Lisa Callahan Co-authors Trauma-Informed Approaches Across the Sequential Intercept Model; Quarterly Impact: April to June 2022
  • October: SAMHSA’s GAINS Center Accepting Applications for Sequential Intercept Model Mapping Workshops and Trauma Training Train-the-Trainer Events; Brandon Morrissey Co-authors Article Examining Law Enforcement Interactions Among Syringe Service Program Participants; Policy Research Featured in Monitor on Psychology; Elan Hope Co-authors Article Examining Factors Contributing to Civic Engagement Among Black College Students
  • November: Honor National Veterans and Military Families Month; Samantha Zottola Co-authors Judicature Article Highlighting Trauma-Informed Judicial Practice; Integrating Behavioral Health Peer Support Specialists into Crisis Response: Academic Training Initiative to Inform Police Responses Webinar; PRI Publishes Research Papers From ARDRAW’s Fifth Cohort; and Careers at Policy Research
  • December: Policy Research’s 2022 Year in Review; SAMHSA’s GAINS Center Presents at Maryland State Summit on Behavioral Health and the Justice System; Elan Hope Co-authors Article Analyzing University Efforts to Diversify Faculty, Provides Recommendations for Change; Samantha Zottola Co-authors Article Demonstrating the Impact of Court Date Reminders; Quarterly Impact: July to September 2022


  • January: PRA’s 2020 Year in Review, New Resource: Graphic Recording Notes From the Discussion on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Throughout the Intersection of Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health, New Article in the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services Explores Using Nudges to Support Well-Being for Individuals With Behavioral Health Needs, PRA Awarded Silver-Level Recognition in AHA’s 2020 Workplace Health Achievement Index, The Health Benefits of Strengthening Social Connections
  • February: New Release: PRA Impact Reports, SAMHSA’s GAINS Center Hosts Criminal Justice-Focused Strategic Planning Workshop for the State of Maryland
  • March: Introducing Policy Research Associates’ Refined and Expanded Values and Guiding Principles, Publication Rerelease: Practical Advice on Jail Diversion, NCYOJ Joint Release with CHDI: Children’s Behavioral Health and Implementation of the School Responder Model, Article with PRA Author Selected for Psychiatric Services’ Editor’s Choice
  • April: Special Issue of Medical Care Focusing on Homelessness Co-edited by Policy Research Staff, New Resource: Graphic Recording Notes on “Moving from
    Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment”
  • May: Sarah Desmarais, PhD, Joins Policy Research, Memorial Day: Honoring Heroes, and Preventing Suicide, Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month, Do You Really Know Resilience? New Research: How Organizations Should Be Preventing Burnout
  • June: Quarterly Impact Report: January to March 2021, Article Shares Examples of Tele-mental Health Service Integration in Rural Communities During COVID-19
  • July: The Link Provides Community With Ready Early Diversion Services for People Experiencing Behavioral Health Crises, ARDRAW Announces Fifth Research Cohort, The MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge Behavioral Health-Focused Expansion, the IMPACT Network, Announces Members
  • August: Maryland Governor Signs Bill Into Law Establishing Behavioral Health and Public Safety Center of Excellence, Enhancing Equity: Resources
  • September: Quarterly Impact: April to June 2021, PRA Celebrates National Recovery Month, Policy Research Releases Safe Messaging GIFs to Honor Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, PRA Staff Author New Article in Criminal Justice and Behavior, Spotlight: SAMHSA’s Homeless and Housing Resource Center
  • October: PRI Publishes Research Papers From ARDRAW’s Fourth Cohort, School Responder Model Podcast Series: “The ‘R’ in SRM” and “School, Family, Community Partnerships”, Crystal Brandow, PhD, Co-authors New Article in Psychiatric Services, Lisa Callahan, PhD, Featured in Justice to Healing Podcast
  • November: School Responder Model Podcast Series: “Engaging Families” and “Law Enforcement Engagement,” Sarah Desmarais Co-authors New Article in Military Behavioral Health 
  • December: PRA’s 2021 Year in Review, Make a Resolution for Wellness in the New Year With Take Charge!, Sarah Desmarais Co-authors New Article in Military Psychology, PRA Awarded Silver-Level Recognition in AHA’s 2021 Workplace Health Achievement Index


  • January: New Resource from PRA Well-Being: Best Practices for Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace, PRA Provides Expert Assistance on National Competence to Stand Trial/Competence Restoration Reform Efforts, NCYOJ Partners with NAMI Georgia to Offer CIT-Y Train-theTrainer Events throughout the State
  • February: New Release: PRA Impact Reports, New Brief Examines Jails and Behavioral Health, A Closer Look: The SOAR Leadership Academy, PRA Publishes New Journal Articles on SOAR and Wellness
  • March: New Brief: Responding to Individuals in Behavioral Health Crisis via Co-Responder Models, New Podcast Series on Mentally Healthy Workplaces, New NCYOJ Brief: Caring for Youth with Behavioral Health Needs in the Juvenile Justice System, New Competence to Stand Trial Video Resources
  • April: Resources to Respond to COVID-19 for Criminal Justice, Behavioral Health, and Homelessness Service Providers, New Publications in Psychiatric Services Examine Competence Restoration, New Resource: Spotlight on Trueblood Diversion Programs
  • May: Quarterly Impact: January to March 2020, May Is Mental Health Month—Let’s Celebrate!, New Episode Released: Mentally Healthy Workplaces Podcast, 3 Actions You Can Take to Address Mental Health: Strategies for Employers from WELCOA
  • June: New Infographic on Mindfulness From PRA Well-Being, Publication Re-release: Getting Inside the Black Box, New Resource: Trueblood Summit Report, New Article Examines Using University-Community Partnerships for SOAR Implementation as a Mechanism to End Homelessness, New Podcast! Income and Benefits With VA and SOAR
  • July: Reserve Your Copy of the Take Charge! Workbook, New Release: Recommendations for Trueblood Sites, Honoring BIPOC Mental Health Month
  • August: New Release: Peer Support Roles Across the Sequential Intercept Model, Making the Workplace Whole: Meeting Basic Human Needs, Mentally Healthy Workplaces Podcast Series: New Horizons for Mental Health
  • September: New Resource for Education Professionals: School Responder Model Virtual Toolbox, Publication Re-release: Quick Fixes for Effectively Dealing
    With Persons Found Incompetent to Stand Trial
  • October: New Release: Competence to Stand Trial Microsite, Announcing the School Responder Model Podcast Series, Quarterly Impact: April to June 2020
  • November: Spotlighting the Work of the Service Members, Veterans, and their Families Technical Assistance Center, Dr. Lisa Callahan Wins American Psychiatric Association’s Guttmacher Award, Mentally Healthy Workplaces Podcast Series: Achieving Wellness Goals, School Responder Model Podcast Series: The Framework and Positive Youth Development
  • December: Homeless and Housing Resource Center Launch and Webinar, Quarterly Impact: July to September 2020, School Responder Model Podcast Series: Restorative Approaches, PRI Publishes Research Papers From ARDRAW’s Third Cohort


  • January: PRA Launches New Well-Being and Wellness Resources Webpage
  • February: New PRA Well-Being Podcast: Social Wellness, New Publication in American Jails Magazine by PRA Staff on Promoting Reentry Success through SOAR
  • March: PRA’s Impact in the Field: October to December 2018, MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge 2019 Behavioral Health Meeting, New Publication: Principles of Community-based Behavioral Health Services for Justice-involved Individuals
  • April: New Release—Achieving Well-Being in Recovery: A Review of Existing Measures, Applications Open: Mental Health Training for Juvenile Justice, New PRA Well-Being Podcast: Occupational Wellness, PRI’s 2019 MacArthur Safety and Justice Challenge Behavioral Health Meeting Recap
  • May: PRA Impact Report: January to March 2019, New Microsite Helps Jurisdictions Maximize Impact of SIM Mapping Workshop, PRA Well-Being Releases Four Fact Sheets, Jen Elder Co-authors APHA Policy Statement on Homelessness, Introducing the New NCYOJ Website, May Is Mental Health Month
  • June: Guidelines for the Successful Transition of People With Behavioral Health Disorders From Jail and Prison, New Release: Four Tips for Providers Fact Sheets, Trauma-informed Response Train-the-Trainer: Milwaukee’s Experience, ARDRAW Announces Third Research Cohort
  • July: New Resource from SAMHSA SOAR: FAQs for Working with Justice-Involved People, New Video Release: Diabetes Among Individuals Experiencing Homelessness, Call for Papers: Special Issue of Medical Care on Multimorbidity Among Homeless Populations
  • August: PRA Impact Report: April to June 2019, New: Recommendations to Create a Supportive Workplace for Individuals with Mental Health Conditions, Spotlight: NCYOJ’s Mental Health Training for Juvenile Justice, New Research Report in the Journal for Advancing Justice
  • September: PRA Releases Free Safe Messaging Icons to Honor Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, National Wellness Week Resource Roundup,
  • October: NCYOJ Hosts Family Engagement Seminar to Support Development of a School Responder Model, New Publication in Psychiatric Services Examines Financial Wellness for People With Serious Mental Illness, PRA-Authored Articles Selected for Psychiatric Services’ Editors Choice
  • November: New PRA Impact Report: July to September 2019, Competence to Stand Trial: Opportunities for Diversion, PRA Receives Silver-Level Recognition in AHA’s 2019 Workplace Health Achievement Index
  • December: PRA 2019 Year in Review, PRA Is SOARing Across New York State,


  • September: PRA Celebrates Recovery Month, October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Publication: Strategies to Promote Walking Among Community-Dwelling Individuals with Mental Health Conditions
  • October: PRI Publishes Research Papers from ARDRAW’s First Cohort, Training Spotlight: Crisis Intervention Teams for Youth, New Case Study Highlights the Impact of the Sequential Intercept Model in Three Communities
  • November: Introducing PRA’s New Well-Being Podcast Series, November is Veterans and Military Families Month, Community Service @ PRA
  • December: PRA’s 2018 Year in Review, The Myths, Realities, and Best Practices for Psychiatrists Treating Justice-involved Populations in Community Care, Learn About Our Work with the Safety and Justice Challenge