A National Compendium of Court Navigation Programs was authored by Policy Research Associates in partnership with the State Justice Institute. This Compendium provides an overview of 18 court navigation programs operating in 22 states across the United States.

A court navigation program provides guidance and information to people in contact with the court system on court processes and procedures. In addition, they can link people in contact with the court system to behavioral health, economic, and social service-related needs.

The Compendium provides an overview of the funding source, the program’s core components, and the program’s implementation. Each program overview is accompanied by a checklist showing where the program’s navigators provide support across the legal system. Program overviews also have checklists outlining specific services each program offers related to a person’s behavioral health, economic, social, and legal needs.

The Compendium can serve as a tool for courts to develop their own court navigation program and expand services. It can also assist court administrators, treatment and service providers, families, and community members with ensuring that people in contact with the court system can have their needs met and navigate the court system successfully.

First shared in 2023.

(PDF, 2 MB)