If you have browsed our website recently, you may have noticed that the PRA logo and website have a new look! As our last logo and website update was in the mid-2000s, we felt it was time for a refresh! This new redesign helps better reflect the high-quality work we are known for, and adapts our online tools to better reflect the evolving digital landscape.

Logo & Values

Our new logo is imbued with a lot of meaning — the blues pay homage to our graphic identity throughout the past 25 years, and the triangle shape references part of our mission (“positive social change”), while providing a wink and a nod to our first logo. The triangle also represents the interconnectedness of our three overarching company values:

  • Meaningful work
  • Making an impact in the field
  • Positive work environment

These values were reemphasized at this spring’s senior staff retreat through an exercise to denominate PRA’s company culture. Staff were asked to write down words and phrases that represented PRA, which were then sorted into categories, which were then refined into three company values. And as it turned out, while these were slightly restated, they were the same values that we have been living for over 25 years!


What will you get when you visit our new website?

  • An improved user experience. We worked hard to streamline our content and to reduce the number of pages and clicks, so you to find what you need quickly and easily.
  • Highlights of our best and newest content up front on the home page. Whether it be an announcement of a new partnership or project, a video we have created, or a new blog post, we want you to see and enjoy it, without having to look through numerous pages!
  • An improved mobile and tablet experience, so you can learn more about what’s new at PRA while you’re on the go.
  • A better understanding of who PRA is as a company. An often-repeated phrase around the office is that it takes every member of the company to make a project successful, and we hope our new website provides a vehicle for you to get to know us better through our staff page, blogs, and announcements.

We hope you enjoy our refreshed look – we’re continuing to make small tweaks to make sure that each user has an informative and enjoyable experience on our site.