We all know that it is important to take care of our bodies.  With the hectic nature of our daily lives, it is easy to ignore our physical health.  Between work, travel, social, and home responsibilities, all too often, we only pay attention when an illness or injury strikes.  For me, I was forced to pay attention by my twin pregnancy. I had become complacent about my physical health and, dare I say, lazy? But all of a sudden, I not only had to worry about my health but the health of two babies relying solely on me for all their needs.  Over the past 8 months, I have incorporated a few strategies that have made a huge difference in the way I feel physically. In fact, they worked so well for me that I plan to continue these beyond my pregnancy.  Regardless of whether or not you are expecting, these three strategies can easily be incorporated into any busy life.

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Feeling Zen after prenatal yoga/Riley asking is it time for our walk yet???