Despite February being a shorter month, the space between the holiday highs and the beginning of spring is seemingly gelatinous and unending. I liken February to the experience of eating the butt-ends of bread, cauliflower rice, or the stuff that isn’t marshmallows in Lucky Charms. For me, it’s during these times of stinging cold and limited sunshine where even the most minor activities have outstanding benefits on my mood and well-being.

WellStaff@PRA is one of PRA’s standing committees that focuses on improving and prioritizing wellness and life-work balance. Throughout the year, WellStaff@PRA hosts quarterly wellness challenges, typically inspired by the season in which it occurs. This year’s Winter Wellness Challenge fell in February. The themed scorecard motivated me to stick to some personal goals I set for myself, such as incorporating more movement in my day, connecting with long-distance friends, and varying the types of leisure I engage with (i.e., less screentime).

Below is a snapshot of the activities I completed this month!

Winter Wellness Challenge Checklist