Go PRA soccer!

The PRA soccer team is 6-0 this fall after coming off a losing season in the Spring.  It’s so great to see current and former PRA employees and friends out there with shirts displaying the “PRA- since 1987” logo.  Better for me than the USA women’s soccer event I went to in Rochester last month where they played Costa Rica.  The PRA players aren’t famous (yet) and the skills may be a little less polished but it’s still fun to go and cheer them on.  (That’s me in the middle not in “uniform.”).  It’s great that they’re playing and important that PRA is encouraging the exercise. We all know that being active can help you to handle stress, manage anger and sleep better; and staying active helps us to stay healthy and fit which can help support our overall feeling of well being…but these PRA folks are getting out there and doing it!

PRA is also encouraging folks to get out and get involved in community events: serving dinner at the local shelter, collecting toiletries and clothes for donation, gifts for kids during the holidays and participating in fundraisers such as the Teal Ribbon Run/Walk for research and awareness for ovarian cancer.  At our Operations division retreat last month we talked about benefits of volunteering – and even though I already knew about the benefits you can reap from volunteering, the discussion reinforced it.

While soccer and community service aren’t part of the “job” at PRA, it’s still a great way to contribute and feel better in the process.  Thanks for getting involved Team PRA!