With my youngest child leaving for preschool and full-day daycare this fall, I made the very well-thought-out and not at all rushed decision to welcome a new puppy into our family. Although we always had a nanny, I knew I’d miss hearing the pitter-patter of little feet once Sloane was out of the house on weekdays. So, on August 30th, we brought home Biscuit! He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and the cutest pup I have ever seen. So far, the transition to owning a puppy is going well. We crate trained him from night one, and by night three he started going in his crate on his own at bedtime and sleeping through the night.

dog in its bed

Managing my workday with a curious little pup has been a challenge, but we are starting to fall into a nice routine. I make sure to play fetch with Biscuit for about 15 minutes right before I start working. This allows him to get some of that puppy energy out and gives me a nice two-hour stretch of work during his morning nap. I use my strategic planning time to take him on a walk and feed him lunch. After 2 weeks, I am sure this was the right decision for our family. I enjoy having a little buddy to keep me company during my workday, and he has brought endless smiles and cuddles to our home.

If you are considering welcoming a puppy, there are a few pointers I recommend:

  1. Take a few days off to help get your puppy acclimated to their new home.
  2. Crate train from the very beginning.
  3. Get your puppy on a structured schedule of nap and play throughout the day.
  4. Take advantage of your strategic renewal time for walks and play!