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In August, I attended the 2017 American Indian Alaska Native Behavioral Health Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, co-sponsored by the National Indian Health Board and Indian Health Services. In the opening session, Mirtha Beadle, Director of the Office of Tribal Affairs and Policy at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, presented on SAMHSA’s National… Read More


This blog post was originally published on the SOARWorks website on October 31, 2017. So much of the work we do at Policy Research focuses on disability, and within the SAMHSA SOAR Technical Assistance (TA) Center this work often focuses specifically on the link between disability and employment. The SOAR program aims to help people… Read More

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As our population ages, health and behavioral health care needs will rise. Many families will respond to these needs by acting as caregivers. During this October’s National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month, we should be mindful of the behavioral health needs of caregivers. A 2015 study conducted at the Hunter Holmes McGuire Medical Center… Read More

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Back in the mid-90s, when I lived in San Francisco, I used to go for all-day bike rides over the Golden Gate Bridge and into the Marin Headlands. That was a time way before kids, when time was all I had. I finally brought that bike out of hiding a few months ago and began… Read More

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“Patrick was never at a loss to make people laugh and always had a big heart for the less fortunate. In lieu of flowers, contributions in memory of Patrick may be made to the New Hope Foundation of Marlboro.”- From Patrick’s obituary, March 22, 2016 “Our state faces a crisis which is more urgent to… Read More

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In 2016, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) completed a comprehensive study on the state of military Veteran suicide across the country. In this study, the researchers found that an average of 20 Veterans die by suicide each day, roughly twice the rate of civilian suicides nationwide 1. Although the VA acknowledged that there… Read More

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I have always really loved learning. My mom was an elementary school teacher and I grew up surrounded by ceiling-high shelves of books. I truly enjoyed college and graduate school, and the idea of going back for more is always in the back of my mind (raising two children and working full-time pushes that a… Read More

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PRA’s focus on wellness is very exciting, and I jumped at the idea of writing a blog on wellness. I chose occupational wellness based on some recent experiences, but when sitting down to write couldn’t remember where it all started. Then it came to me as a sipped my tea from my favorite mug bearing… Read More

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Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash One of my younger cousins called me recently to talk about her future, but she’s interested in a field I never seriously considered, so at first I couldn’t offer much first-hand information. Then she brought up something that I do experience every day. “I want to have a job where I know… Read More