1. What is your name?

Amy Lamerson

2. How long have you worked at Policy Research?

I’ve worked at Policy Research, Inc., since February 22, 2022!

3. What brought you to Policy Research?

Many things brought me to Policy Research, including:

  • Almost 6 years of working as the SOAR Ohio state lead and program director
  • Being included by the SOAR TA Center team
  • Experiencing the amazing and talented SOAR Liaison team at Policy Research
  • Always feeling welcome to show up as my authentic self when working with the SOAR TA team

4. What is a social issue that is important to you and why?

Advocacy and support for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, and intersex (LGBTQI) people in our profession and for the people we serve.

5. What’s your favorite weekday lunch order? From where?

An Olympia, Washington, local spot called Cascadia Grill, where there are many vegetarian choices! My favorite order so far is the mushroom tortellini.

6. What three adjectives describe you best?

Adventurous, passionate, and resilient.

7. What is something about your work at Policy Research that inspires you?

To know that I have been onboarded with a dynamic team at the Homeless and Housing Resource Center, who are always available to guide and share their knowledge and experiences in our profession. The level of expertise on our team is stellar.

8. What is one thing someone would not know by looking at you?

My age and how my life’s experiences have guided my professional career.

9. What is your favorite activity when you aren’t at work?

Hiking the Pacific Northwest trails and discovering so many beautiful places in remote settings.

10. What is something you have learned from your work at Policy Research?

That every single one of us here plays an important and intricate role in successfully disseminating the best practices of our respective fields. It is critical for creating positive social change, and so we all can do better for those in need.