Stormy Weather

Just last Friday, I scrambled with the rest of the neighbors scrounging for milk and bread while schools and banks closed in preparation for the “winter storm”. There were no rain drops. No precipitation. No gray skies. No roars of thunder or sounds of golf ball sized hale plucking the roofs of buildings. Saturday morning, I watched the day bloom  into a perfect 70 degree spring afternoon.


Fast forward to today…the day started like any other unpredictable Georgia weather day. It was raining and warm –about 60 degrees. We were threatened with the possibility of a tornado watch. I dismissed the thought. It is so easy to do in Georgia. Dangerously easy.

Barely into Module I, everyone was ordered to the center of the building.  A tornado touched down just two miles away. The rain was coming down in sheets  – resembling a water feature at a luxurious spa retreat. I heard my co-facilitator, Darren Willis, comfort a participant who was just informed that her home was hit by a tornado. I called to check on my mother who was sleeping in at the hotel when I left. (This was the first time I had her all to myself since we spent the day shopping for my prom dress when I was 16 years old).  She and all of the hotel guests were in the common area bathroom. There was no power. I asked her if she was ok. She said, “Yes. I’m fine. Don’t worry, there’s always a blessing in a storm.”  I smiled as I remembered my grandmother – she used to say the same thing. It turns out that I met my blessing that same day. Stay tuned for my next blog…