In this 30-minute podcast, Crystal Lee Brandow, Ph.D., senior project associate at Policy Research Associates, Inc., moderates a discussion with three guests about spiritual wellness, one of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. Jimi Kelley, behavioral health consultant and advocate for the inclusion of spiritual and faith practices in health care; Claudia Debs, yoga practitioner; and Michael Miriello, a person with lived experience, all share their personal practices for spiritual wellness. This podcast is one episode in a 10-episode series exploring how the each of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness enhances recovery. 

Spiritual wellness is centered on expanding our meaning and purpose in life, emphasizing connections with ourselves, others, and our surroundings. There are no specific set of practices that encourage spiritual wellness, as everyone’s beliefs and principles differ. Personal spiritual practices will be unique to everyone, depending on their set of beliefs. Research supports the potential of spiritual wellness to reduce stress, manage symptoms of depression and anxiety, and cope with trauma. Spiritual wellness can promote other dimensions of wellness, such as emotional wellness, social wellness, and intellectual wellness. 

Speakers discuss their relationship with spirituality, how it has helped them through their challenges, and the different practices they use to support spiritual wellness. In the episode, Dr. Brandow shares how her spiritual practices include reciting mantras and using a journal for self-reflection. 

To learn more about spiritual wellness, please see our spiritual wellness fact sheet. 

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This resource was shared in 2018. 

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