This webinar, hosted by the Program to Achieve Wellness, discussed methods and strategies that encourage youth and young adults (YYA) to enhance their well-being. This webinar was presented by Linda Henderson-Smith of the National Council for Behavioral Health, Taylor Blanco of the Southern Florida Wellness Network, and Melissa Robinson Graves of the CHRIS Training Institute. This resource is intended for use by care providers and professionals that work with YYA. 

In 2016, almost half of the young adults in the United States who were diagnosed with a serious mental illness did not access any health services. In 2012, the rate of mental illness among YYA ages 18–25 was 19.6 percent, with 2.2 million of those YYA experiencing a major depressive episode. Poor mental health affects the ability of adolescents to work and learn efficiently, maintain intimate relationships, and care for their physical health.  

Service providers must be knowledgeable and mindful of the diversity of YYA populations, as they serve people of numerous social identities. YYA are often aware of their own cultural identities but may not be cognizant of how those cultural identities affect their dimensions of wellness. Through cultural activation, care providers can help YYA to plan for treatment and engage in enhancing their wellness. Patient involvement improves outcomes and empowers these individuals as self-advocates. 

This resource was first shared in 2018. 

(Presentation, YouTube)