This video is a recording of a webinar presented by SAMHSA’s Program to Achieve Wellness. The presentation introduces the heart disease prevention and education toolkit, Healthy Hearts, Healthy Recovery Toolkit, designed by SAMHSA’s Program to Achieve Wellness for support group leaders who work with people in recovery from mental and/or substance use disorders. Support groups are spaces where members are comfortable and feel supported, and the tool is designed with that environment in mind, making it an optimal opportunity to raise awareness of heart health without disrupting group culture. The webinar was presented by Sue Bergeson and Karen Moosvi, Ph.D.

Individuals with serious mental illness are 20-40 percent more likely to die from heart disease than those without mental illness. By participating in the Healthy Hearts, Healthy Recovery Toolkit curriculum, individuals will gain a greater understanding of heart disease, learn the ways heart disease may interfere with their recovery, and develop strategies to take action and lower their risk.

The Healthy Hearts, Healthy Recovery Toolkit provides resources for group leaders to use during their meetings, including peer session outlines, trainer notes, a shared story, a participant handout, an infographic, and a list of additional resources. Each portion of the curriculum lists the estimated time it will take to complete.

Download the Healthy Hearts, Healthy Recovery Toolkit featured in the presentation!

This resource was first shared in 2018.

(Presentation, YouTube)