This 10-minute podcast on emotional wellness is the third of three episodes exploring emotional wellness, one of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. This podcast is part of a 10-episode series exploring how each dimension of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness enhances recovery. In this episode, Betty Vreeland leads listeners on a guided meditation to relaxing music. Ms. Vreeland is a registered nurse and yoga instructor and was a guest speaker on the previous podcasts on emotional wellness. To enjoy this podcast, move to a place where it is safe for you to relax and close your eyes. Be in a sitting position with your feet flat on the floor and allow Ms. Vreeland to guide you through the meditation. The previous two episodes are not necessary to enjoy this podcast but are valuable for understanding mindfulness as a wellness practice. 

To learn more about emotional wellness, please see our emotional wellness fact sheet. 

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This resource was shared in 2018. 

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