This webinar recording is the last in the five-part Cultural Activation Training Series hosted by the Program to Achieve Wellness. The previous webinar, Staying Active: Sustaining Confidence Part II, gave guidance to care providers in culturally activating their patients as part of their treatment and being aware of their own cultural identities. This final webinar begins where the previous one left off, recapping what culture is and the effects it has on recovery and wellness. This webinar was presented by Lenora Reid-Rose and Jonique Freeman of Coordinated Care Services, Inc. 

Making clients aware of their culture in establishing a wellness plan can lead to cultural activation of the patient. During cultural activation, a client’s cultural values and practices are incorporated into their health care and to provide intellectual, social, or emotional support. Consumer cultural activation refers to the involvement of a patient’s cultural lens in their care decisions. The patient is involved in their care and shares information that may be important in their treatment options. Care providers can culturally activate a client by asking them questions about their cultural practices, family, and other factors that may positively or negatively impact their care. By informing their provider of their cultural identity, the care provider and client can make treatment decisions that the patient can be involved in, strengthening their professional relationship. Cultural activation increases the likelihood that treatment options are successful, and that changed behavior is sustained. 

Cultural identities are different groups one identifies with based on shared values, experiences, or world views. These identities are not always ethnic or racial, and all cultural identities have unique traditions and practices. Cultural strengths can be an asset in a consumer’s treatment process and recovery journey, supporting holistic wellness and treatment-buy in, provided care providers are open and ask the appropriate questions.  

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This resource was first shared in 2016. 

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