PRA Well-Being’s publication, Best Practices for Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace, details practices that businesses can use to assess their organizations and create concrete action items for growing mentally healthy workplace practices, policies, and programs. The free publication helps organizations develop plans and policies that promote a mental health-conscious work environment. Each chapter has five key strategies relevant to the chapter topic, a case study, and concludes with a checklist to guide decision making following the reading. Concise and comprehensive, this publication is an excellent guide for businesses that need a workplace wellness plan or that do not yet incorporate mental health into their practices.

Investment in the mental and physical health of your employees will not only improve workplace conditions and culture but has financial benefits as well. Nobody leads a life free from challenges, and mental health challenges can cause their well-being to deteriorate. Employees who are unhealthy cannot develop their skills or be productive. While some workplaces already have wellness programs, mental health must be incorporated into this programming. Employees juggle more than the assignments they get on the clock, and policies that are aware of this can nurture a mentally healthy workplace.

This publication is a product of collaboration with nationally recognized programs experts such as the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA). An adapted version of WELCOA’s Quick Culture Inventory is provided to help businesses assess their efforts around physical activity, tobacco use, nutrition/weight management, workstation/ergonomics, alcohol/drugs, stress management, organizational benefits, organizational policies, and mental health and emotional wellness.

This resource was first shared in 2020.

(PDF Publication, 2MB)