According to Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Swarbrick, creator of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, “wellness is a conscious, deliberate process that requires being aware of and making choices for a more satisfying lifestyle.” This publication, developed by PRA Well-Being, aims to identify instruments that measure various dimensions of wellness and well-being for individuals with mental health conditions. This publication provides a snapshot of existing instruments that measure various domains of wellness and well-being, as well as physical health where it intersects with these domains. This resource emphasizes non-proprietary, public-access instruments to better serve the field. A section on utilizing public-use data for benchmarking is included to allow providers and organizations to make the most of their local, community data. 

This document is designed to help those working with individuals with mental health conditions access tools that measure wellness and/or well-being in order to assess improvements resulting from participation in a program, intervention, or other treatment. It is important to note that these quantitative tools are helpful for documenting the impact of services designed to improve wellness and/or well-being for individuals with mental health conditions. This 18-page resource includes sample research articles regarding each identified instrument for measuring wellness and their psychometric properties. To aid providers and organizations in their data collection and utilization, several public-use data sources are included at the end of the publication for benchmarking. 

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This resource was first shared in 2019. 

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