Take Charge! A Workbook to Enhance Well-Being With the Eight Dimensions of Wellness is designed to offer readers a self-paced, guided exploration of each of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. With space for responding to written prompts and even coloring, this workbook creates an opportunity for users to get curious about their own wellness strengths and barriers and create action plans for improving personal well-being.

Take Charge! is composed of eight chapters—one for each of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness (emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual). This workbook contains information, ideas, and strategies for helping promote both prevention and recovery.

Readers can use this workbook as part of a personal recovery and wellness journey. Behavioral health organizations will find it valuable to distribute to people who receive services and even to staff, who can better serve others with greater attunement to their own wellness.

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