PRI Awarded SSA’s ARDRAW Small Grant Program

Policy Research Associates, Inc.’s (PRA’s) sister firm, Policy Research, Inc. (PRI), has been awarded the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) Analyzing Relationships between Disability, Rehabilitation, and Work (ARDRAW) small grant program. The ARDRAW small grant program builds on SSA’s existing Disability Determination Process (DDP) Small Grant Program, operated by PRI. Through the 5-year ARDRAW small grant program, PRI will annually administer 25 stipends of $10,000 to graduate students who are engaged in studies related to topics of interest to SSA and its disability programs in an effort to foster new analysis of work, rehabilitation, and disability issues.

Through this award, PRI will work closely with SSA to develop guidelines and priorities for graduate student proposals, disseminate grant information to research organizations, recruit and select graduate students to research disability issues under this program, monitor students’ progress on their research projects, submit final research projects to SSA, and review and award the stipends.

The ARDRAW small grant program will help SSA continue to enhance the administration of its disability programs. PRI is eager to support SSA in continuing to provide excellent service to our country’s disabled citizens through the operation of the ARDRAW small grant program.

This program will be managed by Kristin Lupfer, Program Area Director at PRA, and coordinated by Margaret Lassiter, Senior Project Associate at PRI. Learn more about the ARDRAW small grant program and DDP Small Grant Program on SSA’s website.

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2 comments on “PRI Awarded SSA’s ARDRAW Small Grant Program

  • I wanted to know if a project I have in mind is suitable to apply for one of the small grants. I am a PhD student with a psychiatric disability and I am on SSDI. I have had 3 hospitalizations since I have been in the program due to stress. Many psychiatric patients I know say they would not attempt to do graduate work even if it leads to a career. I would like to study reasons psychiatric patients will not pursue higher education even though it ostensibly leads to jobs. As part of the findings of this study I would like to make suggestions of how to get folks into higher education. Does this qualify as a study I can submit to the small grants program?

    • Hi Andrea, Thank you for your comment! Someone from the ARDRAW team will follow up with you via email. Thank you for your interest in the ARDRAW Small Grant Program!

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