Travis Parker, MS, LIMHP, CPC

Mr. Parker is a Program Area Director with Policy Research Associates, providing training and technical assistance services that draw on his extensive experience as a provider of behavioral health services in correctional facilities and on his administrative expertise in behavioral health and managed-care organizations. He previously served as the Vice President of System Transformation/Tribal Liaison and Director of Clinical Services for Magellan Behavioral Health of Nebraska. Prior to his appointment at Magellan, he was the Deputy Director of the Community Mental Health Center of Lancaster County (CMHCLC), Nebraska, having also served as the Program Director for the Behavioral Health Jail Diversion Program and the Emergency Services, Homeless, and Special Needs Departments at the CMHCLC. Mr. Parker has completed mental health and suicide prevention training with almost 40 sheriffs and municipal police departments in 16 Nebraska counties in the southeastern part of the state, as he also serves as a Crisis Response Counselor offering Intercept 1 diversion opportunities to those counties/communities. Mr. Parker has co-authored three articles published in American Jails, one article in Behavioral Sciences and the Law, and one article in The Prison Journal. He has assisted the communities of Omaha, Nebraska; Kearney, Nebraska; and Ames, Iowa, in launching post-booking jail diversion programs. He completed his M.S. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas and is licensed as an Independent Mental Health Practitioner and Certified Professional Counselor in Nebraska.