Pamela Heine, MSW

Pam Heine is a Senior Project Associate for the SOAR TA Center. For 12 years, she worked at Legal Services of New Jersey’s SSI Project, representing nearly 1,000 adult and child recipients of public assistance with the Social Security Administration. From 2008, she represented individuals at the Administrative Law Judge and Appeals Council stages, achieving a 97 percent approval rate. Her years of experience in the areas of developmental disabilities, mental health, public assistance, and supported employment informed her work as a non-attorney representative. She has an MSW from Monmouth University and certification in psychological first aid (PFA), providing statewide training to first responders. Pam is our content expert on using the SOAR model with SSI/SSDI appeals. Pam is responsible for the production of TA Center Webinars. She provides TA to the states of Kentucky, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.