Policy Research Associates, Inc. (PRA) is pleased to announce that it has been named a Capital Region Healthy Employer by the Albany Business ReviewEach year, Albany Business Review honors local firms that prioritize employee well-being through wellness programming and benefits. Awarded firms are selected through an assessment that measures a variety of factors, including firm’s wellness culture, leadership commitment, communication and marketing, and reporting and analysis. 

Policy Research is of small businesses and 30 companies overall to receive the distinction of being named a 2020 Capital Region Healthy EmployerBlueShield of Northeastern New York, Ellis Medicine, and GTM Payroll Services sponsor the Albany Business Review’s annual Healthy Employer awards. 

PRA takes its commitment to employee health and well-being seriously, providing numerous wellness benefits to staff, including wellness support and a tobacco-free workplace. PRA has also made significant strides to ensure our employees’ safety and health during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Wellness Support 

Wellness Reimbursement  

PRA offers a Wellness Reimbursement benefit for employees, reimbursing 50 percent of wellness-related purchases up to $600 per year, with a maximum annual reimbursement of $300. Wellness-related expenses can include race fees, fitness classes, new sneakers, and more! 


WellStaff@PRA is an inter-departmental wellness committee charged with planning, implementing, and evaluating health and well-being activities for our staff. WellStaff@PRA hosts seasonal challenges and seminars to enhance the wellness of PRA employees. Challenges are centered around the Eight Dimensions of Wellness and encourage collaboration across different departments, while seminars support individual well-being by enhancing self-care practices. Through this committee and beyond, we are intentional about making health and wellness accessible for our staff.


PRA fosters a company-wide culture of mindfulness through direct and regular support at all levels. We work with experts to offer both mindful management trainings and staff-wide seminars, and provide space for everyday practice, including opening meetings with a “mindful minute” and reserving room onsite for informal group meditation. Through these and other opportunities coordinated by WellStaff@PRA, we encourage staff to support their overall health through mindfulness.

First Aid/CPR/AED Class 

Bi-annually, PRA hosts an onsite First Aid/CPR/AED class for all employees who are interested in being certified. This class has a strong showing, with roughly 10 employees being certified (or recertified) each session. 

Tobacco-Free Workplace 

PRA maintains a tobacco-free policy, which: 

  • prohibits the use of all tobacco products within the office building, 
  • designates outdoor smoking areas that are at least 25 feet from worksite entrances, 
  • informs employees of the tobacco-free policy through the company handbook,  
  • educates visitors of the policy through informational signage, and 
  • provides employees access to smoking cessation materials, resources, and treatment. 

COVID-19 Response 

Workforce health and wellness have always been a priority at PRA. The COVID-19 pandemic shifted our view from collective wellness to individual employee needs as we transitioned to a fully remote workforce. Our initial response involved identifying staff at risk for health and wellness concerns and providing them with individualized support to stay healthy. In preparation for a transition back to the office, we are making structural changes (e.g., one-way stairs, limited access to conference rooms) to the building to ensure that we are well-positioned to keep our employees safe and healthy. 

PRA works hard to maintain our culture of wellness for all staff members and is proud to be a Capital Region Healthy Employer. Thank you to the Albany Business Review for recognizing us!