It’s hard to believe that we’re already well into the new year here at PRA (and a new decade). Things are as busy as ever, but it’s always great to reflect on the year past and the year ahead. Per our usual PRA tradition, Pam revealed the 2019 Word of the Year at our annual State of the Firm. The year’s word was soaring. This word encompasses the success and energy we’ve exhibited in our work over the past year, and it represents the steady increase in our capabilities to create positive social change. Let’s look at our impact by the numbers:

  • 1: We developed a new Competence to Stand Trial (CST) flowchart, nestled in the Sequential Intercept Model at Intercepts 2 and 3, that identifies decision points in the CST process where criminal justice and behavioral health professionals can consider and create diversion opportunities for defendants. The flowchart will help communities and states do good work to understand how their competence process works and how they can identify opportunities for cross-systems collaboration and diversion!
  • 64: We have 64 staff members working across 11 states! Our staff members make Policy Research a fun place to work, where we try new experiences (like our morning of community service) or share knowledge (like our Steadman Seminar Series).
  • 100: SAMHSA’s GAINS Center convened a joint Policy Academy with the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in support of the Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge. The Policy Academy had over 100 participants across 6 states and 12 jurisdictions. Our ability to bring together agencies, communities, and subject-matter experts to share best practices and lessons learned makes an impact in the field.
  • 310: We traveled over 310 times in 2019 to 43 states and the District of Columbia to conduct site visits, provide trai