This webinar is part three of the five-part Cultural Activation Training Series by the Program to Achieve Wellness. “Sustaining Confidence: Part 1” discusses organizational infrastructure that supports Cultural Activation Prompts (CAPs) to enhance the patient and client relationship. Organizational infrastructure refers to policies and practices in place at a community-based organization and how the organizational infrastructure serves the clients. CAPs are a series of prompts intended to help foster cultural activation in care situations, increasing awareness of the impact of cultural identities among both patients and their care providers. Cultural activation facilitates culturally-informed care and improves treatment. Organizations should incorporate CAPs as part of the care process to encourage sustained participation in recovery and wellness on the part of the patient. This webinar was presented by Lenora Reid-Rose and Jonique Freeman of Coordinated Care Services, Inc. 

The cultural practices of consumers/patients and providers are an essential but often unaddressed component of providing care and treatment. While CAPs help consumers and providers develop an awareness of the cultural factors affecting care, there are policies and practices that organizations can implement to increase the impact of CAPs and deepen organizational commitment to providing culturally aware services. These policies and practices include supporting organization-wide use of language that is person-centered and plain, prioritizing open dialogue and communication, and using tools to assess expectations of the client at each interaction. Such policies and practices and the informed perspective that they foster improve confidence in the ability of providers to provide knowledgeable, sensitive care to their clients. This strong provider-consumer relationship will help sustain the changes necessitated by treatment, which often require maintenance and adaptation to sustain the desired results. By incorporating CAPs and related policies and practices, organizations and care providers can better meet consumer needs and help them achieve improved outcomes. 

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This resource was first shared in 2016. 

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