In 2018, Policy Research Associates (PRA) was engaged to work with the Washington State Trueblood Court Monitor’s Office, Trueblood Workgroup, and other key stakeholders to guide strategic planning to address court compliance priorities in the competence to stand trial process. Through this work, PRA has provided technical assistance to 15 diversion services programs in Washington State funded by the Trueblood class-action lawsuit settlement. Trueblood enforces a person’s constitutional right to timely competence evaluation and restoration services.

In working with these 15 diversion services programs, PRA developed a set of nine recommendations for communities interested in enhancing their competence evaluation, restoration, and jail diversion and reentry processes. PRA is pleased to release these recommendations to the field in a new two-page fact sheet. This tool outlines each of the recommendations and provides suggested guidance for implementing them.

The nine recommendations are the following:

  1. Expand and enhance the crisis care continuum and law enforcement/mental health co-response.
  2. Develop formal and coordinated screening and diversion strategies for arraignment and pre-plea diversion.
  3. Provide written guidance and strategies to the diversion sites for sharing individual-level information between treatment providers and justice stakeholders.
  4. Develop and enhance formal officer wellness strategies.
  5. Ensure Veterans Affairs is informed and included in the planning and implementation of all initiatives for identification of Veterans and linkage to appropriate services.
  6. Address the potential gap in insurance coverage when individuals transition from detox units to residential care.
  7. Ensure full implementation of Medicaid suspension versus termination.
  8. Develop guidance to courts and diversion stakeholders to request a re-evaluation of competence status for those in jail awaiting transfer to a restoration bed.
  9. Pursue multiple strategies to improve access to housing for justice-involved individuals.

This resource was first shared in 2020.

(PDF, 379 KB)