The May 2020 edition of the Policy Research Associates’ monthly newsletter included announcements, publications, and the latest posts from the PRA blog.

This newsletter contains the following headlines:

  • Quarterly Impact: January to March 2020
  • May Is Mental Health Month—Let’s Celebrate!
  • New Episode Released: Mentally Healthy Workplaces Podcast
  • 3 Actions You Can Take to Address Mental Health: Strategies for Employers from WELCOA

This newsletter contains an impact report that highlights the efforts and outreach of PRA from January to March 2020. This report takes a quantitative look at the trainings, events, projects, and other fee-for-service activities completed by PRA and its projects. Also included are qualitative summarizations of policy and practice influence.

Each May, PRA honors Mental Health Month, which highlights the need for increased mental health awareness in our communities. To encourage community conversations about the importance of taking care of your mental health, Policy Research has created a suite of three images celebrating mental health care that are available for free, public use. The images are inspired by the global “Rainbow Hunt” movement, which seeks to inspire hope and positivity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To celebrate Mental Health Month, the NCYOJ has released a resource focusing on resilience and well-being among youth. This document highlights specific actions you can take to foster resilience and well-being in the lives of vulnerable young people.

PRA Well-Being published the second episode of a four-part podcast series from PRA and the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) on mentally healthy workplaces. In Social Determinants of Health Part 2: The Unmentionables of Wellness, PRA’s Dr. Crystal L. Brandow interviews WELCOA President Ryan Picarella about the nontraditional determinants of health.

In a partner post, WELCOA highlights actions you can take to address mental health in the workplace. At this time, there is an urgent need for workplaces to effectively address mental health and suicide crises. They are complex issues and involve a variety of factors. In the post, WELCOA highlights strategies you can take to become more informed and spread awareness.

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