This podcast is part of a 10-episode series exploring how each dimension of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness enhances recovery. In this 18-minute podcast, members of PRA’s Leadership Team discuss what occupational wellness means to them and how they foster occupational wellness at work. PRA President and Chief Executive Officer Pamela Clark Robbins along with Program Area Directors Terri Hay, Kristin Lupfer, Chanson Noether, and Lisa Pellitteri share their experiences with occupational wellness. They discuss fostering a healthy office culture, work-life balance, professional development, and other workplace topics.  

Occupational wellness is characterized by fulfillment in our work lives, a balance between work life and home life, and satisfaction with achievements. Paid work or full-time employment isn’t necessary for occupational wellness; volunteering, part-time positions, and being a student can all contribute to occupational wellness. These experiences all contribute to career experience and the development of professional skills.  

The podcast presenters share how they foster occupational wellness among Policy Research, employees. Shared practices include regular team meetings, group praise, and staff surveys. These practices foster a healthy working environment where employees feel secure and confident. Concerns can be raised, and everyone contributes equally. 

If you are an employer that wants to enhance your workplace wellness, consider our publication Best Practices for Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace.

To learn more about social wellness, please see our occupational wellness fact sheet.

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This resource was first shared in 2018. 

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