This is the last webinar in the four-part Enhancing Personal Capacity for Wellness series. Speakers Cathy Cave, co-director of the Program to Achieve Wellness (PAW), and Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Swarbrick, senior consultant to PAW, discuss reflection as a workplace wellness skill. Reflection allows employees to think about whether the work they do is aligned with the values of their company.

The process of actively reflecting involves stepping back from the present experience of hands-on work and taking the time to reflect on what the experience means. In this reflective state, individuals can explore past events and circumstances, the feelings and thoughts surrounding those events, other possible perspectives, and methods for collaboration moving forward. Reflection can be practiced on one’s own (self-reflective) or practiced with a trusted constituent or leader (co-reflective) to nurture a workplace of wellness.

Feeling supported in thoughts and decisions is vital in enhancing wellness at a personal and organizational level. Reflection supports numerous dimensions of wellness. Successful reflection improves the capacity for completing work and connecting with others in the workplace, improves work-life balance, and cultivates compassion for self and others through self-awareness.

This webinar is part four of four. Watch the rest of the series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3.

This resource was first shared in 2017.

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