Each quarter, Policy Research publishes an impact report that highlights our work across the country via our technical assistance centers, projects, and fee-for-service activities. This impact report covers Quarter 4 (October to December) of 2018. During this period, 2.5k virtual attendees joined Policy Research’s 49 virtual events, and a combined 1058 participants were part of the 14 trainings we offered. These and other efforts conducted by our projects influenced eight policy and practice changes in the communities with which we work.

This impact report highlights several developments of note among PRA’s projects. First, SAMHSA SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR) TA Center released the SOAR Online Course: Child Curriculum on October 31, 2018. This course trains case managers to assist children under the age of 18 experiencing or at risk of homelessness who may also have a serious mental illness, medical impairment, and/or a co-occurring substance use disorder to apply for Supplemental Security Income.

Separately, through the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s VALOR Initiative, the Law Enforcement and Community: Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training Model Program, PRA worked with four law enforcement agencies to develop plans and policies to implement CIT programs in their jurisdictions. The four sites—Alamogordo, New Mexico; Honolulu, Hawaii; Huntsville, Alabama; and St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana—are receiving CIT training in early 2019.

Finally, through work with SAMHSA’s Service Members, Veterans, and their Families Technical Assistance Center, six sites across the United States (State of Missouri; New York, New York; State of North Carolina; State of North Dakota; Houston, Texas; and Richmond, Virginia) have strengthened services for SMVF through a variety of mechanisms.

This resource was first shared in 2019.