The July 2019 edition of Policy Research Associates, Inc.’s monthly newsletter included announcements, publications, and the latest posts from the PRA blog.

This newsletter contains the following headlines:

  • FAQs for Working with Justice-Involved People
  • Video Series: Diabetes Among Individuals Experiencing Homelessness
  • Call for Papers: Special Issue of Medical Care on Multimorbidity Among Homeless Populations
  • Homeless and Housing Resource Network Virtual Summit
  • Recent Stories from the PRA Blog

The SAMHSA SOAR TA Center, operated by PRA, has released a resource for SOAR providers titled Working with Justice-Involved Persons: Frequently Asked Questions. This two-page document answers common questions and offers resources for providers working with people in the criminal justice system to help them through the disability benefit application process. Answers to questions surrounding applying for Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance, suspension and reinstatement of benefits, and other common issues are provided.

PRA Well-Being has released a two-part animated video series, Diabetes Among Individuals Experiencing Homelessness. The series is intended to educate, raise awareness, and provide action steps related to risk factors and treatment options for diabetes among individuals with behavioral health disorders, substance use disorders, or co-occurring disorders experiencing homelessness. Stream the series today to learn about risk factors associated with diabetes, as well as common challenges for individuals experiencing homelessness and seeking to treat their diabetes.

Medical Care, the official journal of the Medical Section, American Public Health Association, will be releasing a special issue on multimorbidity among homeless populations in 2020. Medical Care issued a call for papers centered around the theme of addressing multimorbidity and psychosocial factors among individuals experiencing homelessness.

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This resource was first shared in 2019.

New Resource from SAMHSA SOAR: FAQs for Working with Justice-Involved People; New Video Release: Diabetes Among Individuals Experiencing Homelessness; Call for Papers: Special Issue of Medical Care on Multimorbidity Among Homeless Populations; Upcoming Webinars