Diabetes Among Individuals Experiencing Homelessness: Recommendations for Providers

This 3-minute animated video on YouTube addresses barriers to health care in people with diabetes experiencing homelessness. It provides recommendations for care providers when assisting individuals with diabetes experiencing homelessness. People with diabetes experience inflated health care costs, which greatly impacts individuals experiencing homelessness that have been diagnosed with diabetes. Glucose monitoring tools, a balanced diet, access and storage of insulin, and transportation all pose barriers to treatment. To better assist patients in managing their diabetes, doctors are encouraged to empower their patients and take their barriers into consideration when prescribing medications. Being aware of services patients may need in the area, such as housing access and support groups, will increase their quality of life.

This video is the second part of the two-part series, with the first video providing a general overview of individuals with diabetes experiencing homelessness.

This resource was first shared in 2019.

(Animated Video, YouTube)