SAMHSA’s GAINS Center is currently soliciting applications from jurisdictions interested in Sequential Intercept Model Mapping Workshops (SIM Workshops)SIM Workshops are designed to bring together a local, cross-system, multidisciplinary group of key stakeholders from a particular jurisdiction to facilitate collaboration and to identify and discuss ways in which barriers between the criminal justice and behavioral systems can be reduced through the development of integrated local strategic action plans. SIM Workshop participants are expected to be drawn, in large part, from local criminal justice and behavioral health agencies and organizations. 

SIM Workshops to Develop Comprehensive, Community-wide Strategic Plans for Addressing Opioid and Stimulant Use

The GAINS Center is soliciting applications from communities that are particularly interested in developing comprehensive, community-wide strategic plans for addressing opioid and stimulant use, and better identifying and responding to the needs of adults with opioid and stimulant use disorders who are involved or at risk for involvement in the criminal justice system. These SIM Workshops will focus specifically on identifying and treating opioid and stimulant use disorders across all the intercepts of the Sequential Intercept Model, including screening and assessment, diverting individuals out of the criminal justice system and into appropriate community-based treatment programs, implementing or expanding Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), and maintaining continuity of care through transitions in and out of custody.

Applications submitted in response to this solicitation should emphasize resources, gaps and opportunities, as well as commitment among key stakeholders to addressing these issues.

Traditional SIM Workshops

The GAINS Center is also soliciting applications from communities that are interested in “traditional” SIM Workshops that focus more broadly on identifying and responding to the needs of adults with mental and substance use disorders who are involved or at risk for involvement in the criminal justice system.

The application period for these solicitations have closed. Meet the awardees of this year’s SIM Mapping Workshops.

Site Selection

SAMHSA’s GAINS Center will provide the SIM Workshops free of charge to selected applicants between January and July 2021. There are no fees for registration, tuition, or materials associated with these workshops. The GAINS Center will cover all costs associated with pre- and post-workshop planning and coordination, facilitator time, data collection and analysis, and report development.

NOTE: All SIM Mapping Workshops under this solicitation are currently being planned to be held virtually.

To apply for a SIM workshop, please download the solicitation that is most appropriate for your jurisdiction and submit a completed application form no later than November 13, 2020.

Informational Webinar Materials

To learn more about this opportunity and to gain insight into preparing a strong SIM Workshop application, please download the “National Solicitations Pre-Application Webinar: Preparing Your Best Application” webinar slides and frequently asked questions document.

Questions? Contact Matthew Robbins, Training Coordinator at SAMHSA’s GAINS Center, via email.