Terri Hay

Writing for Wellness: Intellectual Wellness

A wise person once told me, take advantage of professional development opportunities, no matter how large or small. All you need is one good take away message, tool, skill…one golden nugget…to make it all worthwhile. As part of my professional development for this year, I attended the National Wellness Institute’s (NWI) 2019 National Wellness Conference… Read More

Take Your Dog to Work Day at PRA -- 10 staff members with their dogs

I agreed to do a blog for May is Mental Health Month in early 2019. At the time I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about, but I knew I could count on inspiration from the work we, here at PRA, are doing every day to strengthen the services and systems that support… Read More

Writing for Wellness: Emotional Wellness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month…what a perfect time to blog about emotional wellness! I volunteered to write this blog based on some recent work I’ve been doing both personally and professionally in this area. To start, I’d say that I like to think of myself as a person who is emotionally healthy but, I… Read More

Wellness Hotel

EVEN hotels are jumping on the wellness bandwagon!! Recently I experienced another perspective on occupational wellness, the perspective of the work traveler. It is pretty hard to focus on your wellness when you’re on the road, spending too much time in airports, hotels and meeting rooms, having limited healthy food choices, and being too strapped… Read More

Occupational Wellness - Writing for Wellness

PRA’s focus on wellness is very exciting, and I jumped at the idea of writing a blog on wellness. I chose occupational wellness based on some recent experiences, but when sitting down to write couldn’t remember where it all started. Then it came to me as a sipped my tea from my favorite mug bearing… Read More