Raquel Derrick

Guam Coastline

When I was first approached to go to Guam as part of the work that the Service Members, Veterans, and their Families (SMVF) Technical Assistance (TA) Center is doing, I was delighted, excited, and admittedly clueless. So clueless, in fact, that I wasn’t even completely aware of where Guam is located until I got a… Read More

Military Homecoming

When my husband got orders to deploy in 2013, we did both the best and the worst thing we could have done. We decided that we would use the 90 days we had before he left to spend as much time together and make enough memories to get us through the 11-month tour. In our… Read More

Military Homecoming

This is Part 1 of the Military Homecomings are a Process; Not an Event blog. Read Part 2 here. At the end of June, my husband arrived home from a 10-month deployment to Kuwait. I started writing a blog to commemorate his return, but more importantly to provide insight to the reintegration process that military… Read More

When my husband deployed in August, I quickly learned many tough lessons that military families regularly face throughout a deployment. One such lesson is that holidays will not be the same throughout the duration of a deployment as they are when your significant other is home. Veteran’s Day is no exception to this rule. Prior… Read More