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In March 2018, the staff members at PRA completed the Harvard Implicit Bias Test as a part of our continued efforts to improve the services we provide to communities and states across the country. The purpose of this exercise was to raise awareness about biases—we all have them—so our staff members, as individuals, could reflect… Read More

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I often write about being a person in long-term recovery from behavioral issues—issues which brought me to many of the common places people who have struggled with these issues face: jails, hospitals, and treatment programs. Recovery being possible for absolutely everyone, my life turned from one of sadness and pain to one of achievement, joy,… Read More

Intellectual Wellness

I often write about my experiences being a person in long-term recovery from substance abuse issues. Fairly early in my recovery I returned to school to continue my education so I could have the skills to build a career to support myself financially. I decided to major in political science with a concentration in political… Read More

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Being a person in long-term recovery from various behavioral health disorders, I am often asked by people, “What works? What has made your recovery possible?” This usually happens as I am getting done with a presentation, walking off stage after spending the last hour or so sharing intimate details about my personal life in front of… Read More

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This blog originally appeared on the SOAR TA Center’s SOAR Voices blog. Emotionally exhausted, detached, going through the motions, insensitive, irritable – not exactly what we thought we would be feeling when we first imagined a life in human services! What seemed like a great idea – going into human services because we wanted to… Read More

PRA's Travel HORROR Story Series

Things are getting SPOOKY at PRA this October with the Travel HORROR Story series! If you’ve traveled, you’ve encountered hiccups — lost luggage, canceled flights, crummy food, the list is endless. Since PRA staff are some of the most well-traveled folks around, we have gathered a collection of truly terrifying travel stories for your reading… Read More


Spoiler Alert: Readers of this article will learn that research proves it is difficult to recover from behavioral health disorders if you have no money! Having started my career being a front-line peer substance abuse and mental health worker, one of the first things I noticed was that both treatment fields were centered on goals… Read More

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This post was originally published on 12/02/2014 to the SAMHSA SOAR TA Center’s SOAR Voices blog. Read more blogs like these at their website. In October 2014 I became the newest member of the SOAR TA team. It is really exciting to be working on a project that helps people across the country in such a… Read More


Photo: Clasped Hands by Rhoda Baer for NCI/NIH – Public Domain image The Statewide Family and Consumer Networks Technical Assistance Center (FCN TA Center), operated by Policy Research Associates since 2009, is very excited to welcome and begin supporting 29 new Statewide Family Network and 15 Consumer Network Grantees (2013 cohorts below). These grants, providing funding up to $70,000… Read More

We were all greatly saddened by the terrible events in Newtown, CT.  The headline above does not actually exist, even in the National Enquirer, but was the result of me reading two separate articles one right after the other. The first was an article about the National Rifle Association’s chief Wayne LaPierre who stated on… Read More