Lisa Callahan

The Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) provides a framework for identifying decision points and opportunities to divert individuals with behavioral health conditions out of the criminal justice system and into community-based treatment and supports.[1],[2] For some defendants, the trial process is put on hold if they exhibit signs or symptoms of conditions that can impair their… Read More

People Standing, Texting

“If you’re middle-aged, she’s you. If you’re a millennial, she’s your mom.” I simply can’t get past this quote I read in Frank Bruni’s column the morning after the hearings for the open Supreme Court seat as it was like an arrow through my heart. The author of this statement is speaking about Dr. Christine… Read More

Pig at CAS

A living, breathing, snuffling pig snout feels like nothing else I have ever before touched, except maybe a football (aka “pig skin”). Pigs also have long eyelashes that you can see when you get close enough to scratch their snouts which they seem to love given their vocalizations. Pigs are very social and quite curious… Read More

Ida Street Community Garden

For someone who is accused of eating too many salads, I have never considered myself much of a vegetable gardener. I am happy to take advantage of other’s bounty and frequent local farmers’ markets. However, last year my family became involved with Capital Roots based in Troy, New York. If you visit a local farmer’s… Read More

ai weiwei exhibit

I had some time to kill in Casper, Wyoming, on June 16 and decided to visit the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center as I waited for Connie Milligan, a GAINS consultant who I was meeting for a trauma training in Laramie. (Why we were in Casper instead of Laramie is another story.) Casper was the… Read More

Declaration of Independence

“Radical Words” – seems like a fringe call to action. That’s precisely what the historical documents (all originals) on display this fall at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA are – radical. They intended to fundamentally change the political order, and they did. The Magna Carta is the touchstone of modern democracy and the… Read More


Walking a labyrinth is an ages-old form of meditation, pilgrimage, and repentance. The most well-known labyrinth is in Chartres Cathedral outside of Paris, built around 1200 (pictured above). Many labyrinths are modeled from this design and are in or around churches. However, their purpose today has extended beyond religious seeking, and they are often walked… Read More


I was recently in the Los Angeles area for work, and I had made plans to meet a woman who I know only through our e-relationship. We’d never met in person but are FB “friends” and have shared stories and photos. As we were waiting in the bar for our table, a woman asked, “Are… Read More


Gelato for lunch. I thought, no I felt, I had earned it. I am in the midst of one of the stretches of travel that you have to face day by day; otherwise, you might scream, or worse. Other than counting on a good breakfast at the Silver Diner, I find BWI is just a… Read More

School stair case

“Keep your eyes up and your head turning” were the words of wisdom from E.O. Wilson on May 17 at Harvard’s Museum of Natural History, when asked for his advice to budding scientists. In other words, never stop seeking and learning. When asked how to inspire children he quoted Rachel Carson, “Take them to the… Read More

Conference Room

In the weeks leading up to attending my first National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare (“National Council”) meeting, I frequently had a seconds-long panic that I hadn’t completed my presentation. That feeling passed as I remembered that I was going to the meeting as an attendee, not as a presenter (which is usually the case).… Read More

I sent my spit to 23&Me, a California-based “personal” genetics testing company started by two women. As I waited for the results, I felt like a kid waiting for the first day of school – part dread, part excitement. When I tell others that I have done this, there are two reactions – keen interest… Read More