Lenore Laier


Here in the northeast things are finally warming up, and for the third year in a row at PRA that means it’s time to plant our garden! In a narrow strip of land bordering our parking lot, employees take part in this worthwhile project, good for both body and soul. This year we have big… Read More

Last month we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the formation of the Cultural Competence Committee with a PRA seminar, “Cultural Competence at PRA: How Are We Doing?” In addition to providing a concise overview of the Committee’s formation and history, and reviewing past activities and the CC intranet page, we reviewed a list of the… Read More


In past years I’ve often incorporated my Day of Reflection into family matters, addressing work/life balance issues. For example, last fall my sister and I helped my mom prepare for a transition to a senior apartment community after my dad passed away.  This year I was determined to keep the day for “just me;” in the… Read More

I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a Sequential Intercept Mapping of Albany (NY) County as part of the Albany County Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Project. The project is a partnership between the Albany Police Department, the Albany County Department of Mental Health and the Albany County Forensic Task Force to establish… Read More