Donna Aligata

Voice Awards Blog Week-Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the day set aside for remembrance of those who have died in our nation’s service.  When this long weekend comes each year, I always attend Marlborough’s Memorial Day ceremonies and participate in a race around our town lake, which makes donations to military families.  This is also a time when I think… Read More

Voice Awards Blog Week-Organization

As a military family member, a person in recovery, and a person who has had the privilege of working as a nurse in the behavioral health field for 44 years, I am most excited about my work over the past eight 8 years strengthening military and civilian behavioral health organizations through SAMHSA’s Service Members, Veterans,… Read More

Hands in heart shape in front of sun

Just after viewing Generation Found as part of PRA’s Recovery month celebration, I was asked by someone at PRA if I could share information about a new drug being used on the streets called W-18, also known as “beans” or shady 80s”. It is very dangerous painkiller that has been in the public eye lately. This… Read More