Ashley Krider

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I spent a couple of hours on one Saturday taking part in a Naloxone (common brand name Narcan) rescue training. Naloxone is a medication used to block the effects of opioids, potentially reversing an opioid overdose. While PRA doesn’t provide any direct services to clients, a lot of our training and technical assistance involves working… Read More

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Ashley’s Favorite Food Halls In the never-ending search for good food everywhere and in particular places I’m traveling for work, I like to seek out food halls. These have popped up not only in trendy cities (even Albany!), and are typically upscale food courts, with multiple rotating or permanent vendors cooking and selling out of… Read More

Photo credits: Deb Perelman/Smitten Kitchen

Since 2006, Deb Perelman has been cooking food and photographing it, operating the Smitten Kitchen blog from her tiny NYC kitchen. Her slant is “comfort food stepped up a bit,” always from scratch, and without “excessively fussy and/or pretentious ingredients.” Her favorites are artichokes, pommes frites, and bourbon. She has published two cookbooks, Smitten Kitchen… Read More

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge (SJC) supports jurisdictions around the country working to safely reduce over-reliance on jails. Jurisdictions participating in the Challenge develop and model effective ways to keep people out of jail who don’t belong there, more effectively reintegrate those who must be confined into the… Read More

GAINS Center Individual TTT Applicants

Since the inception of the How Being Trauma-Informed Improves Criminal Justice System Responses training in 2011, PRA and the GAINS Center staff have completed over 90 trauma training deliveries and train-the-trainer (TTT) events. Over 2,300 individuals have been trained by PRA/GAINS (and countless others through local deliveries following the TTTs), primarily through onsite training deliveries… Read More

New Zealand Collage 1

Last October, Dan and I took a 2 ½ week trip to gorgeous New Zealand. The country hadn’t previously been on our destination radar, but we couldn’t pass up a flight bargain, so decided to go for it. We stayed in a majority of Airbnb homes, as well as a couple hostels, and did not… Read More

Women's March Photo

On January 21st, I traveled to Washington, D.C. with several friends and colleagues to participate in the Women’s March on Washington. Taking part in the movement seemed vital, but frankly I was dreading the inconveniences that would also be present: a long late-night bus ride from Albany, large crowds, lack of control in a new… Read More

Chef's Materials

A few months ago, I jumped in to something that I’d been batting around for years and went to cooking school. The Capital Region (Voorheesville, specifically) is lucky enough to host Gio Culinary Studio, which offers, along with dozens of drool-worthy one-night themed classes, a six-week intensive culinary certification course. The certification classes are deliberately… Read More

NYAPRS & Alternatives Conference Presentation

As part of the GAINS Center at Policy Research Associates for the last few years, I have been able to help provide technical assistance to SAMHSA’s Mental Health Transformation Grant (MHTG), which supported 20 grantees across the country for the last 5 years. One of the main successes of the MHTG program has been peer integration… Read More

Penny as a puppy

Thanksgiving weekend also marked a third annual family reunion…for my dog. I recognize that we’re entering into strange animal-lover territory, but for the last 3 years we have reunited with Penny’s siblings and their equally loved families. This may be slightly less weird when you consider that we were somewhat bonded together from the start–our puppies… Read More


For two weeks in April, I was able to see a snapshot of three very different parts of the country: Washington/Oregon, Colorado, and Alabama. On April 1, I flew from Albany, NY to Portland, OR for a site visit in Vancouver, WA (no, not Vancouver, Canada). The Pacific Northwest has become my favorite area to… Read More


During a trip to Paris last month, I was struck by the number of apparently homeless individuals who were sitting against buildings and near the streets, particularly those with babies and small children. While data concerning total estimates of homeless people is lacking, the French national statistics office reported a 50% increase in homelessness in… Read More